Welcome to the Product Launch Formula
Coaching Program!

You can join PLF by clicking the link below… here’s a quick summary of  everything you get with the PLF Coaching Program: 

The full PLF training program and searchable portal that takes you through all the strategies and tactics that have driven over a BILLION dollars in launches by our students.

Nine modules that walk you through creating your first launch… and then growing your launches from there.

Complete launch videos and scripts from launches in various markets, with full breakdowns by me. In other words, we took some of the launches by our students and (with their permission) I went through them to analyze what they did well and what they could have improved. If you love to learn by example, this is pure gold.

A step-by-step Getting Started feature to banish overwhelm and help you spring into action right away.

Your Launch Path — this will give you a “bird’s eye view” of the launch process. You’ll be able to see where you are on the Path, figure out what’s coming up next, and click to jump straight to the lessons and bonus trainings you need so you can get laser focused and implement fast.

Timelines and checklists to help keep you on track throughout your launch.

$7 Million Launch Swipe File — this is copy from $7 million in launches that I’ve done, plus additional copy from some of our PLF Owners’ launches. You can use this “swipe copy” as a starting point, so you’re not facing a blank page when you sit down to plan your launch.

Additional training on how to go beyond just launches, and build your entire business with your launches (which I call the Business Launch Formula).

Our PLF Portal Community… where you can ask questions and get answers and support from my team and fellow community members.

Transcripts of all the training videos (perfect if you’re like me and you like to read more than watch videos).

Audio-only files of all the training videos (if you would rather listen to the trainings instead of watching the videos — great while you’re driving or taking a walk).

Closed captioning for the main training videos — giving you the flexibility to watch without sound.

A Year of Monthly Live Coaching Calls with my in-house team of coaches. The really powerful thing about these calls is you not only get a chance to ask your question, but you also get to hear the questions and answers from your fellow PLF students.

You also get the recordings of all the coaching calls so you can listen to them again (or catch up in case you have to miss a call).

The PLF Owners’ “Alumni” Facebook group — there’s pure gold in this group, and it’s where you can really tap into the community and interact with all our other PLF Owners (and I mean past and present… so you’re rubbing shoulders with the giants of the PLF world — people who have done six and seven-figure launches).

And the support keeps on going — as a PLF Owner, you’ll be eligible to get the latest version of PLF each year for a very low maintenance fee of just $197.

Plus You Get These Extra Bonuses:

BONUS: my complete "Launching Your List" video training course — this course shows you how to grow an email list of people hungry for what you offer.

BONUS: the full-blown “Product Creation Code” video training course that shows you how to create an online training program that people will pay you for.

BONUS: “Your Tech Stack Quick Start” — this is my team training you on how to design and build a streamlined tech stack to support you at each stage of your launch. It’s all about matching the tools to where you’re at with your business, so you have everything you need and nothing you don’t. If you’re just starting out and you’re intimidated by the “technology question”… we’ve got you taken care of.

BONUS: “Winning Book Launches” — if you’re an author, you’ll love this one that’s all about how to launch your book.

BONUS: the “Sparta Launch” training on how to put together a low-effort, high-return launch. This training is all about selling high-priced, small group workshops or retreats. The best part is that Sparta Launches are generally done purely via email.

BONUS: The “Live Launch” training -— when I launched PLF 2019, I did something I’d never tried before… a launch where all my PLCs were delivered LIVE. Let’s just say the results were amazing, which is why I’ve used live trainings in most of my launches since. In this special bonus, I break down how we prepared to go live, the lessons we’ve learned, as well as the results we generated from this exciting new launch model.

BONUS: the Operation Quick Start mini-module, which is perfect if you're just starting out. This training will show you what to do first to get your business up and running fast.

BONUS: the Secrets of Leverage and Scale mini-module, which is all about moving from a 1-on-1 or unleveraged business... to creating true leverage and scale in your business (so you can make more money and more impact without working more hours).

BONUS: the Launch Partnership mini-module, which teaches you the lucrative business of helping other people with their launches... either as a consultant, a launch manager, or even as a full business partner.

BONUS: "Winning Your Launch Through Gamification" — one of the hottest trends in our PLF community has been how to maximize your results by turning your launch and your product delivery into a game. The results have been shocking. Turns out that people love it when you add some competition and fun into your process. This bonus shows you how to tap into that and get massive results with minimal effort.

BONUS: Your “Low-Tech Launch” Guide — This brand new bonus takes you through the “behind the scenes” of my “Pivot” launch. We did the launch in a super “Tech Lean” fashion — both because we had to and to prove it could be done… and now we’ll show how you can do it in a super simple, almost “no tech” way. If you’re worried about the technology — this new style of launch is your friend… and we’ll show you how to do it in the bonus.

BONUS: A coupon for $900 off PLF Live 2022 — This is a three-day, live workshop where I’ll guide you through designing your launch. The vibe and community during this weekend is simply awesome. We’re hoping to hold the event in a major US city - most likely in spring 2022. Tickets sell to the public for $1,000, but you get in for just $100!

Any results on these pages are not typical. You are not guaranteed any specific results or income... as every person, industry, personality, and offer are unique and different. This isn't about getting rich quick - we believe in hard work and showing up and serving your market... and putting your head down and getting to work.

Earnings Disclaimer

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